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  • The original Assassin’s Creed trilogy would have ended with Desmond and Lucy leaving on a spaceship
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 22, 2022 a las 5:45 pm

    The ending to the third Assassin’s Creed game was originally intended to end quite differently, according to interviews with staffers that worked on the titles and conducted by a Ph.D. student.In a paper written by Lars de Wildt, who researches conspiracy theories, religion, and other beliefs in digital media culture, the original ending to Assassin’s Creed 3 would have seen Desmond and Lucy leave Earth on a spaceship – the plan being to continue the human race elsewhere after the end of the world in 2012. Like a modern-day Adam and Eve.Instead, things turned out differently. Lucy died in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, and in Assassin’s Creed 3, Desmond sacrificed himself to protect the planet from a solar flare that would have caused the Second Disaster. Read more

  • Get 3 months of EA Play for the price of one
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 22, 2022 a las 4:13 pm

    Quick bit of news for you: EA is offering up a nice deal on three months of EA Play.From now until February 8, new members can get three months of EA Play for the price of one. This means three months’ worth of service will run you $4.99. After your initial 90-day period is over, your membership will renew at the then-current monthly renewal price. Unless you cancel, of course.Just remember that when the subscription or any trial ends, you will no longer have access to the membership benefits, including Play List titles, game upgrades, or in-game purchases made in a Play List title, unless you separately have access to that Play List title for the applicable Platform. Read more

  • Halo Infinite Credits will be earnable through the battle pass when Season 2 kicks off
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 22, 2022 a las 3:21 pm

    When Halo Infinite Season 2 kicks off, Credits will be earnable through the battle pass.343 Industries announced the change overnight, and this means you will no longer have to pay real money for Credits once the change is made. Instead, they will be earned through progression. The studio said it will have more to share on this as it gets closers to Season 2.A date for Season 2 has not been provided, but it is expected to go live sometime this spring. Read more

  • Vi from League of Legends is making her way to Fortnite
    por Connor Makar el día enero 22, 2022 a las 3:00 pm

    If you cast you mind back to November of last year, you may remember Jinx popping up in Fortnite as a character skin as part of the massive Arcane event. A few months later, her sister Vi is right on her tail, being added to Fortnite in similar fashion starting January 23 at 4PM PST / 7PM EST / and midnight GMT.Much like before, Vi is coming with a selection of other cosmetics based on the character. These include the Bunny Memories of Zaun Back Bling which comes with the outfit, a Piltover Warden Hammer Pickaxe, and the Punching Practice emote.All these come either as single items available to players, or piled together as part of the Arcane Vi Bundle, which adds an exclusive Piltover’s Finest Loading Screen. For those who missed Jinx the first time around, her and all the Jinx-themed cosmetics will also be appearing in the store alongside Vi, so you’ll have a chance to grab everything if you perhaps got onboard the Arcane hype train a tad late. Read more

  • What are you playing this weekend?
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 22, 2022 a las 1:54 pm

    Ahh, can you smell that? That divine aroma is the weekend, and what better way to enjoy such a pleasant fragrance than by playing some games, right?We plan on spending our time off of the next couple of days doing normal things but also by jumping into the virtual world.Some of us plan on going on thrill rides with our virtual bike, flying around on our Sparrow, revisiting a classic Final Fantasy title, and playing a game for the umpteenth time that has been released multiple times. You probably already know which one we are talking about. Read more

  • Raven Software quality assurance workers are unionizing
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 21, 2022 a las 6:35 pm

    Raven Software workers in charge of quality assurance on Call of Duty: Warzone have formed a union dubbed the Game Workers Alliance which is part of the Communication Workers of America (CWA).Activision Blizzard employees have been threatening to unionize ever since they went on strike seven weeks ago, and of the Raven QA testers, 34 workers have decided to unionize.“Today, I am proud to join with a supermajority of my fellow workers to build our union, Game Workers Alliance (GWA),” said Raven Software tester Becka Aigner in a press release. “In the video game industry, specifically Raven QA, people are passionate about their jobs and the content they are creating. We want to make sure that the passion from these workers is accurately reflected in our workplace and the content we make. Our union is how our collective voices can be heard by leadership.” Read more

  • While you wait for Final Fantasy 16, consider playing the unfairly maligned Final Fantasy 13 on Game Pass
    por Oisin Kuhnke el día enero 21, 2022 a las 4:59 pm

    Everyone has their favourite Final Fantasy. Many love Final Fantasy 7 because of how much of an impact it left with its transition to 3D, and just because it was their first. There are those who love Final Fantasy 9 because, well, Vivi. As messy as it was, you can’t help but love those boys in 15. But there is possibly no more divisive a Final Fantasy than Final Fantasy 13.For years, I heard nothing but complaints about the game. ‘Corridor’ is a word that would give some a horrible flashback of their playthrough, many called Lightning ‘a cold copy of Cloud’, and some simply didn’t like that the game got two sequels. So, when I saw that Final Fantasy 13 was on Xbox Game Pass over the holidays, I knew there was only one thing I could do: find the truth. And you know what I found? Shock horror: a pretty great video game.Now, right off the bat I will say this: some of those aforementioned corridors are pretty long. The game definitely could have made a few cuts here and there, no doubt about it. But my first point of frustration with the decade-plus of criticism I’ve been hearing is that the waves of negativity surrounding the game completely washed away any discussion that could dig into how good the gameplay is. Over anything else, it introduced the Paradigm system, a gameplay mechanic that requires you to switch your characters between different roles. Read more

  • Dying Light 2 will be a free PlayStation 5 upgrade for PS4 users
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 21, 2022 a las 4:16 pm

    Techland has confirmed that Dying Light 2 will offer a free PlayStation 5 upgrade to all PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro users.The upcoming game will also support Microsoft’s Smart Delivery service, which means Xbox One players will also be able to freely upgrade their copy of the game to Xbox Series X/S.Alongside the free upgrades for console players, the studio also confirmed that cross-platform and cross-generation console cooperative experience will not be available for Dying Light 2 at launch. Cross-play between Steam and Epic Games Store will work once the game is released. Read more

  • Sony says it is not increasing PS4 production to deal with the current PS5 shortage
    por Stephany Nunneley el día enero 21, 2022 a las 3:50 pm

    Sony has denied reports that it is extending production of PS4 consoles to due to the shortage of PS5 consoles.The denial comes on the heels of a Bloomberg report which claimed Sony had originally planned to end PS4 production in 2021.Saying this is not the case at all, Sony told NLab production and sales of PS4 consoles was already in the plan to continue in conjunction with PS5. Read more