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  • The Last of Us HBO posters show how the actors look in their respective roles
    por Stephany Nunneley-Jackson el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 8:20 pm

    HBO has released some promo posters for its take on The Last of Us.The posters show the various actors who have been cast in the series which airs on the premium TV channel on January 15.The images show Pedro Pascal as Joel, Bella Ramsey who is playing Ellie, Merle Dandridge as Marlene, and Gabriel Luna who will play Tommy. Read more

  • Minecraft update adds Spectator Mode and Experimental Features coming with update 1.20
    por Stephany Nunneley-Jackson el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 7:49 pm

    A new update has been released for Minecraft Bedrock Edition, bringing Spectator Mode fully into the game, along with Experimental Features that will be included with the 1.20 update next year.The Experimental Features include Bamboo Wood Blocks, Bamboo Raft, Camels that can spawn in desert villages, the Chiseled Bookshelf, and Hanging Sign.The latest update also includes new touch controls that are now enabled on touch devices by default. You can choose between Joystick & tap to interact Joystick & aim crosshair, or D-Pad & tap to interact. Read more

  • Sonic Frontiers is getting at least three content updates in 2023
    por Stephany Nunneley-Jackson el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 7:20 pm

    SEGA has provided a look at the preliminary 2023 free content roadmap for Sonic Frontiers.According to the company, the first update will contain Juke Box, a Photo Mode, and a New Challenges Mode.Update two will feature Sonic’s Birthday, an Open Zone Challenge, and a new Koco. Read more

  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition, Biomutant confirmed as PlayStation Plus games for December
    por Stephany Nunneley-Jackson el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 6:50 pm

    Sony has announced the PlayStation Plus games for December 2022, confirming yesterday’s leak.To be made available for PlayStation Plus Essential subscribers, the following games will be available from December 6 to January 2: Biomutant, Divine Knockout Founder’s Edition, and Mass Effect Legendary Edition which includes three of the best RPGs of all time.You already know all there is to know about Biomutant and Mass Effect, but you may not be familiar with Divine Knockout/ Read more

  • Hitman rules, and Ubisoft needs to take note for Assassin’s Creed Mirage (and beyond)
    por Fran Ruiz el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 5:00 pm

    I can’t wait to get murderous in ninth-century Baghdad when Assassin’s Creed Mirage arrives next year, but I fear it might be leaning a bit too hard on the first installment of the long-running franchise. As fans await the next major Assassin’s Creed release – now turned into an expansive open-world RPG saga – Ubisoft has chosen to throw veterans a bone with Mirage, which promises a refreshed take on the original, classic AC formula. Problem is… that original formula wasn’t super solid to begin with and certainly doesn’t hold up anymore. Sheathe your curved swords, please. Just give me a few more paragraphs. Assassin’s Creed was a spectacular multiplatform release of the early PS3/360 era. Even before it hit shelves, we were amazed by Ubisoft’s brand-new Anvil engine, all the reactive parkour and climbing, and those bustling crowds in 12th century Jerusalem, Acre, and Damascus. And it didn’t disappoint once it was out in the wild (even though some critics and players were quick to point out a repetitive overall structure that undermined the potential of its lively world). Read more

  • Three of the best RPGs of all time land on PS Plus soon
    por Dom Peppiatt el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 4:40 pm

    Look, if I were you, I’d be dubious of that headline, too. But I am going to go even further here, now, in the opening paragraph, now that you’ve clicked and I’ve got your attention. Mass Effect isn’t just the best RPG series of all time – I think it’s also some of the best sci-fi of all time.No, I’m not being hyperbolic. I’m being deadly serious. I would put Bioware’s trilogy of games up there with Asimov, with Star Wars, with Ballard, and with Star Trek. Whether Mass Effect is taking you on a tour of sentient life in the universe and forcing you to examine the macro patterns that it all follows, or dialling down into the minutiae of a doomed, intimate romance, it is beautiful and it is tragic. It is hopeful and it is doomed. It captures and celebrates the paradox at the heart of everything.And it’s free – free! – to download and play if you have a PS Plus Essential subscription in December 2022. Imagine that: to me, downloading this game via PSN represents the same value as being handed the entire Star Wars saga (including Rebels) on 4K UHD Blu-Ray by some random passer-by in the street. It’s the same as a rogue librarian palming off the collected works of Ursula K. Le Guin to you in a dusty old library, and telling you not to worry about bringing them back. It’s like getting all of the good Star Trek on Netflix. Oh, wait – that one you might be familiar with. Read more

  • Sony Says PS Plus is struggling, so Xbox suggests it takes a key Game Pass feature
    por Dom Peppiatt el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 3:52 pm

    If you’ve been keeping an eye on the very messy (and very public) fight that’s going on between Sony and Microsoft at the moment, then the fact that Xbox Game Pass subscribers are way ahead of PS Plus tier subscribers will not surprise you.The news came out last week as part of a new development in the messy inquiry into whether Microsoft should be allowed to acquire Activsion Blizzard. As an inquiry persists into whether the deal should be allowed to take place, the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority published Sony’s response to the authority’s Issues Statement, and we’ve seen some peculiar back and forths between each of the companies in the documents.Effectively, each company is trying to make itself look as small as possible in order to coax the CMA into thinking it is in the right. The result is a lot of posturing and sabre-rattling that really doesn’t do anyone any favours in the eyes of consumers. Read more

  • Prime Gaming closes out 2022 with Quake, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, more
    por Stephany Nunneley-Jackson el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 3:41 pm

    Amazon has announced the final Prime Gaming rewards for the year, and the December batch includes Quake, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, and Desert Child kicking things off.The other titles available for Prime users this month are Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow, The Amazing American Circus, Banners of Ruin, Spinch, and Doors: Paradox.Additionally, new in-game content will be available for Apex Legends, Madden 23, Fall Guys, Valorant, and exclusive Prime Gaming content for FIFA 23. Read more

  • Need for Speed finally figured out what it wants to be
    por Sherif Saed el noviembre 30, 2022 a las 3:00 pm

    I never imagined I would be writing this when everyone first got word of a new Need for Speed game in development. Initially revealed in the summer of 2020 with a shot of two cars, said game would not get an official title until October of this year. Months after leaks and rumours told us a lot of what EA wasn’t interested in sharing itself, and Need for Speed Unbound was revealed, with all excitement reserved for racing games that aren’t Forza. I find it hard to believe that anyone could say they were truly looking forward to Unbound, beyond the general excitement one might have for a new major release. I have long since given up hope that Need for Speed would even so much as plot a return to form, and everyone I know has either moved on to more realistic racers – or has stuck with Forza for their driving fix. Read more