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  • The PS Plus Essential PS4 and PS5 games for April have been revealed
    por Connor Makar el marzo 29, 2023 a las 4:23 pm

    Three new PS Plus Essential PS4 and PS5 games have been revealed for April, becoming downloadable as part of the service’s monthly game rotation starting April 4.Every PS Plus member, including PS Plus Essential, Extra, and Premium subscribers will be able download and keep these new games in their library for as long as they like. Even once the month of April has passed, the games will remain playable for those who have redeemed them.The three PS Plus Essential games that are coming to April are: Read more

  • The Witcher 3 Next Gen Update: three months on, I’m still not convinced
    por Jim Trinca el marzo 29, 2023 a las 4:00 pm

    ^ Stay tuned for our full video appraisal of The Witcher 3’s current state, full of glorious ultrawide footage! The best bit of PC gaming is having the speed and power to be able to whack everything on Ultra and marvel as your rig effortlessly spits out a silky-smooth rendition of whatever game it is, with graphical features activated that would make the latest consoles wave a little white flag and melt into a puddle of liquid convenience. The worst bit is when you can’t whack everything on ultra, and so have to Fiddle: endlessly tweaking a bewildering array of switches and sliders in order to find the perfect balance between performance and visual fidelity. Incessantly calibrating a piece of software with all the complexity of one that monitors the status of a nuclear reactor, not just for your specific hardware configuration but also for your own tolerances as a human being. Some people don’t mind a bit of screen tearing if it unlocks some performance headroom. Others, like me, abhor it: it’s synonymous with “unplayable” as far as I’m concerned. Some people can take or leave raytracing. Me? If it’s there, I want it turned on, otherwise I’ll be wincing every time a screen space reflection rudely disappears when I dare to tilt the camera. Read more

  • Anyone with a Netflix account can play one of the most visionary games of the year – for free
    por Dom Peppiatt el marzo 29, 2023 a las 3:00 pm

    I have written before about how good – and inexplicably quiet – Netflix is with its gaming offers. The streaming giant has been moving into the gaming space at quite a pace lately, making killer adaptations and spin-offs for The Witcher, Cyberpunk, League of Legends, Castlevania, Tekken, and many more besides. But it seems that most people (well, 1% of the company’s 200 million users) aren’t aware of the incredible games that you have access to for no extra cost as part of your subscription. And, yesterday, one of 2023’s most interesting titles was added to that roster. This week, Netflix (alongside publisher Devolver and developer Free Lives) has released the impressive, interesting, reverse city builder Terra Nil on both iOS and Android platforms. The game is available on PC, too – and that’s where I’ve been playing it for the past two or so weeks – but the mobile version of the title is by no means a cheap trade-off; it works just as well as its PC sibling. Your aim in Terra Nil is simple: you are reviving a planet that has been ruined and reaped of all its resources, left to fester and rot in its own putrid filth. To that end, you need to detoxify the soil, increase biodiversity by reintroducing plants, rainforests, and marine vegetation, and finally pack up and leave without a trace. It’s the first proper solarpunk gaming title I’ve seen out in the wild that’s worth giving a damn about, and it does what it does perfectly. Read more

  • Parasite Eve has the energy that Square Enix needs to bring to new IP in 2023
    por Alex Donaldson el marzo 29, 2023 a las 2:00 pm

    Is Square Enix on the cusp of a new golden age, or is it still swimming upstream? Right now, it’s honestly hard to tell. On one hand, Final Fantasy 16 looks absolutely balls-to-the-wall incredible. You’ve also got the company putting out a wide variety of games that really play to its strengths. There’s much-anticipated remasters like Chrono Cross, Crisis Core, and Live A Live. There’s series continuations and revivals for the likes of Valkyrie, SaGa, and Star Ocean. And there’s fascinating new bets ranging from the nichely obscure like Voice of Cards and Paranormasight to interesting new takes on some of the concepts the company is best known for, like Harvestella and Diofield Chronicle.On the flip side, it seems barely anybody played a lot of these games. Some of them launched with little fanfare; it was easy to miss that something like Star Ocean: The Divine Force had even released. But the quality and breadth is a badge of honor, at least. As a buddy of mine argued, even if a failure, that line-up was a breath of fresh air. Read more

  • Want to see Street Fighter 6 at its best? Check out this dev gameplay
    por Dom Peppiatt el marzo 29, 2023 a las 11:02 am

    It’s nice to have flashy trailers that really show off an art style, or that really dig deep into an aesthetic. But to really understand a fighting game – I mean, really know how it’ll actually feel on the stick – you need to watch people that know what they’re doing have a fight. Often, with fighting games, the really decent players won’t necessarily be the flashiest. If you watch a high-level Tekken game, for example, it’s a lot of footsie work and backdashing followed up by some impressively long (but not that over-the-top) combo work. The same goes for Street Fighter 6, it seems: the character trailers we’ve seen to date revel in big bombastic moves, flashy supers, and jaunty camera angles that show off new and returning cast members – but an actual fight between two devs? That’s the real deal.In the video above, you’ll clock veteran Brit Cammy battling it out with French newcomer Manon. Cammy players will recognise some signature moves in the mix (Spiral Arrow, Cannon Spike, and Hooligan Combination), combined with some interesting new techniques realised via her Super Arts. Manon, very much into her dance and catwalking, forces Cammy to go along with her footwork (where we see Manège Doré, Renversé, and Pas de Deux in action), ending one combo in a great super that sees both do a routine before the Brit is unceremoniously tripped up, faceplanting the concrete. Read more

  • The Steam port of The Last of Us Part 1 looks… dire
    por Connor Makar el marzo 29, 2023 a las 10:44 am

    The Last of Us Part 1 has finally come out of PC! Unfortunately, the quality of this long-awaited PC port leaves much to be desired with many complaining about crashes, freezing, and bad optimization. The game in its current state has failed to live up to the hype held by thousands of eager PC players. At best, resulting in some humourous textures from unupdated Steamdecks the internet can gather together and laugh at, and at worse being “unplayable” according to Steam reviewers. Even on beefier hardware, The Last of Us Part 1 appears to be struggling with myriad issuesThis wave of disappointment has led to a mostly negative rating on Steam as of writing. In response, Naughty Dog has released a statement via Twitter which states: “The Last of Us Part I PC players: we’ve heard your concerns, and our team is actively investigating multiple issues you’ve reported. ” Read more

  • Resident Evil 4 Remake sells three million units in its first two days
    por Kelsey Raynor el marzo 29, 2023 a las 8:42 am

    Continuing the ongoing trend of Resident Evil remakes is the remake most of us have all — quite clearly — been waiting for, and that’s the Resident Evil 4 Remake.A beloved cult classic that sees rookie cop Leon Kennedy become a matured, fully-fledged agent of navigating never-ending chaos, launched just last week. Since then, Capcom has revealed that the Resident Evil 4 Remake managed to sell over three million units in its first two days. Let’s not also forget that this remake has also set the Resident Evil franchise’s new concurrent user record on Steam. Needless to say, this remake of the 2005 GameCube title has gone down an absolute treat among both critics and fans alike, myself included. Go check out my review! Read more

  • Naughty Dog to continue developing games for PC, as well as PS5
    por Kelsey Raynor el marzo 29, 2023 a las 7:50 am

    First spotted by the folk over at GamesRadar, Naughty Dog has stated that it is not done with developing games for PC.The Last of Us Part 1, which released on PC just yesterday, will not be the last PC title we see from the developer. To celebrate the launch of the game on PC, Naughty Dog shared a blog post that featured plenty of titbits of interesting information regarding The Last of Us Part 1’s port.“Following UNCHARTED: Legacy of Thieves Collection’s PC release, we focused our efforts and learnings onto the PC version of The Last of Us Part 1. Behind the scenes, we worked towards ensuring that The Last of Us Part 1 would be an authentic, satisfying experience for those playing on PC,” the blog begins. Read more

  • Ubisoft to host live Ubisoft Forward presentation instead of attending E3 2023
    por Stephany Nunneley-Jackson el marzo 28, 2023 a las 5:32 pm

    Ubisoft has announced it will skip E3 this year and host its own presentation.The company today revealed it will host one of its Ubisoft Forward streams on June 12 live from Los Angeles. More information on the showcase is expected at a later date.Ubisoft had originally planned to attend E3, but told VGC it had decided to “move in a different direction.” Read more