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Subo gameplays y se me va la olla, todo junto.

Subo gameplays y se me va la olla, todo junto. Twitter: @menos_trece ZL54R1

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New On Steam New game, demo, and trailer releases on Steam

  • Now Available on Steam – Kynseed, 10% off!
    el diciembre 6, 2022 a las 3:00 pm

    Kynseed is Now Available on Steam and is 10% off!*A beautiful Life Sim Sandbox RPG. Raise a family, farm the land, run a business, cook, craft and build an everlasting legacy in a vast world filled with adventure, creativity and meaningful choices.*Offer ends December 13 at 10AM Pacific Time

  • Now Available on Steam – Quake Champions
    el agosto 18, 2022 a las 4:09 pm

    Quake Champions is Now Available on Steam!Step into the Arena. Compete against players from around the world in this fast-paced shooter that combines the dark mythos of the original Quake with the skill-based competition of Quake III Arena. Become a Champion.

  • Now Available on Steam – Good Company, 20% off!
    el junio 21, 2022 a las 1:02 pm

    Good Company is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*Good Company is an in-depth management sim about building a trail-blazing tech corporation. Assemble complex production lines, manage employee logistics, and sell high-quality products on the market to become the best company in the whole county!*Offer ends June 28 at 10AM Pacific Time

  • Now Available on Steam – Raft, 15% off!
    el junio 20, 2022 a las 4:56 pm

    Raft is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*Raft throws you and your friends into an epic oceanic adventure! Alone or together, players battle to survive a perilous voyage across a vast sea! Gather debris, scavenge reefs and build your own floating home, but be wary of the man-eating sharks!*Offer ends June 27 at 10AM Pacific Time

  • Now Available on Steam – Factory Town
    el noviembre 17, 2021 a las 6:01 pm

    Factory Town is Now Available on Steam!Process raw materials, automate production, and optimize transport systems to sell goods and grow a quaint village into a machine-powered city.

  • Now Available on Steam – Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™
    el noviembre 16, 2021 a las 4:25 pm

    Ruined King: A League of Legends Story™ is Now Available on Steam!Rise Against Ruin – Unite a party of League of Legends Champions, explore Bilgewater and set sail for the Shadow Isles to uncover the secrets of the deadly Black Mist in this immersive turn-based RPG.

  • Now Available on Steam – Killsquad, 20% off!
    el octubre 21, 2021 a las 10:09 am

    Killsquad is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*Hack and slash? Check. Twin-stick-shooter? Check. 4 player coop to slay hordes of aliens & bosses with your friends? Check. Skills, upgrades, weapons, gears, talismans and more to make you stronger? Check. Wake up, bounty hunter. We have a mission for you. Time to clean up the scum of the galaxy.*Offer ends October 28 at 10AM Pacific Time

  • Now Available on Steam – Legion TD 2 – Multiplayer Tower Defense
    el octubre 1, 2021 a las 2:45 pm

    Legion TD 2 – Multiplayer Tower Defense is Now Available on Steam!An infinitely replayable multiplayer and single-player tower defense. Defend against waves of enemies and destroy the enemy’s king before they destroy yours. Legion TD 2 is a one-of-a-kind game of tactics, teamwork, and prediction. Party as 1-8 players.

  • Now Available on Steam – Rec Room
    el septiembre 2, 2021 a las 6:04 pm

    Rec Room is Now Available on Steam!Rec Room is the best place to build and play games together. Chat, hang out, explore MILLIONS of rooms, or build something new to share with us all! Join the club!

  • Now Available on Steam – Clone Drone in the Danger Zone, 15% off!
    el julio 27, 2021 a las 1:59 pm

    Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is Now Available on Steam and is 15% off!*Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a robot voxel slice-em-up where any part of your body can be sliced off. With your mind downloaded into a robot gladiator, you must survive the sinister trials of the arena.*Offer ends August 3 at 10AM Pacific Time