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  • Steam Client Update Released
    por Valve el día octubre 19, 2020 a las 8:30 pm

    A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.GeneralFix videos failing to switch to fullscreen on Windows after a monitor connection/disconnectionmacOSFix Steam overlay causing crash at startup of certain OpenGL gamesSteamNetworkingSocketsFixed bug causing SteamNetworkingMessages() to always return NULLFix bug causing some Windows laptops to fail to connect with certificate errors.

  • Now Available on Steam – Kine, 34% off!
    por Valve el día octubre 19, 2020 a las 6:00 pm

    Kine is Now Available on Steam and is 34% off!*A quirky 3D puzzle game about three musicians forming a band and trying to score their breakout hit.*Offer ends October 26 at 10AM Pacific Time

  • Team Fortress 2 Update Released
    por Valve el día octubre 15, 2020 a las 5:08 pm

    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:Updated the Jupiter Jetpack to not hide the Pyro grenadesUpdated The Great Deflate achievement to include the BalloonicorpseUpdated pl_hasslecastleFixed more out-of-bounds exploitsImproved clippingGeneral improvementsUpdated koth_undergrove_event3v3 participants will now be healed and extinguished upon entering a 3v3 portal, in addition to when the 3v3 begins and endsReduced the delay after winning a 3v3 before players are teleported back to the overworldFixed Wrap Assassin/Pomson 6000 projectiles not firing correctly in the indoor areasPolished clipping around the capture pointPolished some textures on RED’s sideFixed several console errors that appeared upon map loadMinor lighting fixes

  • Now Available on Steam – Noita, 20% off!
    por Valve el día octubre 15, 2020 a las 5:03 pm

    Noita is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*Noita is a magical action roguelite set in a world where every pixel is physically simulated. Fight, explore, melt, burn, freeze and evaporate your way through the procedurally generated world using spells you’ve created yourself.*Offer ends October 22 at 10AM Pacific Time

  • Dota 2 Update – October 14th, 2020
    por Valve el día octubre 15, 2020 a las 12:34 am

    – Fixed some notifications appearing on top of the in-game item shop- Added 15 min delay option for DotaTV for tournament games so community streams can broadcast without delay on their end.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 – Update
    por Valve el día octubre 14, 2020 a las 8:14 pm

    An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.Last Stand:- Fixed ammo pile in Junkyard not spawning on second round of Versus.- Fixed exploit where the trigger used to quiet the Director could be activated after the finale started.Survival:- Fixed an issue where Fallen Survivors could still drop medkits on Riverbank.- Fixed issue where several weapon spawners would absorb dropped weapons on Barge.Tank Run:- Fixed an issue in Scavenge finales that prevented the escape vehicle from working.- The Sacrifice finale will now spawn Tanks properly and the bridge will lower when the timer reaches 0.RocketDude:- Fixed players ending up with no viewmodel and no avatar by rejoining a game where any survivor already left the safe room.- Added support for custom playground maps ( a guide will provided by ReneTM ).- Fixed players not instantly dying when jumping into c14m1 safe room water area.- Fixed players not instantly dying when jumping into c14m2 finale water.- Lowered slow motion probability from 10% to 5% as requested by many players.- Fixed RocketDude decals sometimes not showing up.- Fixed new best times not saving.- Added Start and finish textures.Other:- Updated several Mutations to fix the issue where the weapons in Whitaker’s Gun Store weren’t being removed or converted.- Fixed tanks failing to spawn in versus on No Mercy 3 (at 90+% boss flow).- Fixed tanks spawning before the finale on No Mercy 5.- Fixed a few stuck Special Infected issues on survival maps.- Fixed setting the input mode to joystick/Steam Input.- Increased command limit before causing a disconnect.- Fixed some reported model crashes.

  • Dota 2 Update – October 13th, 2020
    por Valve el día octubre 13, 2020 a las 6:32 pm

    – Fixed a bug that could cause cast-attack spells to malfunction (like Silencer’s Glaives of Wisdom)- Fixed the limit behavior of Templar Assassin’s traps. There was a short period where a triggered trap continued to count against the trap limit.

  • Team Fortress 2 Update Released
    por Valve el día octubre 9, 2020 a las 8:31 pm

    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:Updated koth_viaduct_eventFixed Engineers building teleporters in the spawn roomsUpdated pl_precipice_event_finalFixed missing modelsUpdated pl_bloodwaterRemoved an unintended clip brush passing through a BLU spawn wallAdded occludersUpdated pl_hasslecastleFixed BLU players spawning in the wrong spawn roomFixed Engineers building teleporters the first BLU spawn roomGeneral improvementsUpdated pl_rumble_eventFixed Merasmus uttering round start voice lines randomly during mid roundFixed some misaligned texturesFixed a tree from hovering in underworldFixed few models fading too late or too soonFixed clock sometimes triggering underworld entrances during bumper kart raceFixed Merasmus from spawning if the race was already overFixed push trigger in underworld being too lowImproved clipping around the map

  • Team Fortress 2 Update Released
    por Valve el día octubre 8, 2020 a las 6:51 pm

    An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:Fixed players not being able to rocket jump or stickybomb jump during a truceFixed missing War Paint icons in the Steam Community MarketUpdated the Impish Ears to add a missing styleUpdated the equip_region for the Gourd GrinUpdated The Ghoul Box to fix an issue with the materialsUpdated pl_hasslecastleAdded occluders to improve optimizationAdded a spell book near the first RED spawn and the first BLU spawnBrightened up some areasFixed some texture misalignmentsReduced the saturation of purple spell book patchesChanged the ending when BLU winsFixed the arrow signs not changing near the first RED spawnFixed an out-of-bounds exploit near the first pointFixed an out-of-bounds exploit in the second BLU spawnFixed an out-of-bounds exploit near the cliff at the second-to-last pointChanged the doors in the second BLU and the first RED spawn rooms to standard onesFixed a displacement error near the entrance to the last pointMoved the resupply cabinet from the second BLU spawn out of the wallUpdated the “Kill with a pumpkin bomb” bonus objective to be “Win a round”Fixed some texture errorsBrightened up the mapGeneral improvementsUpdated pl_precipice_event_finalLowered amount of entities on the map to prevent crashing Adjusted some misaligned textures around the map Simplified some detail for better performance Combined some models for better performance Removed some clutter to improve readability and fluid movement Fixed some lighting bugs around the mapAdded a one way door to left flank on last CP for BluRemoved build limitations on both Shack (CP1) and the isolated balcony (final CP)Adjusted health kits in last to be less favorable to defenseUpdated koth_megaloFixed players building teleporters in RED spawnUpdated pl_bloodwaterFixed exploit using the Minify spell at point AFixed being able to build as an Engineer in lava pitsBosses no longer get stuck in lava pitsReduced the chance of the Horseless Headless Horsemann and Monoculus spawningUpdated all railings to not collide with projectiles and bulletsRemoved normal-sized skeleton spawn locations

  • Steam Client Update Released
    por Valve el día octubre 8, 2020 a las 12:55 am

    A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.GeneralFixed the Steam Client window starting minimized when the client is run after first install on a Windows machineLibraryImproved the alignment of controls in the play bar on game pagesFixed one instance where achievement unlock percentage was not shown on game pagesAdded Edit Review button to personal review on game pagesChanged the context menu when viewing screenshots to browse to file if the screenshot exists locallyChat FilteringSteam and games which leverage the Steam Text Filtering API now filter strong profanity and slurs shared by users you don’t know, replacing them with hearts and asterisks. You can enable their display in the Community Content Preferences, where you can also customize what words are filtered, and whether to filter messages from Steam Friends. For more background on these features, read our blog post.DownloadsChanged download throttling setting to be a custom value in KbpsSteamNetworkingSocketsFixed a crash bug if app shutdown exited very soon after starting, while SDR network configuration fetch in progressFixed bug with certificates expiring on long running processes such as dedicated serversSteam OverlayFixed a crash when switching between Direct3D 11 and 12 or vice versa in Serious Sam 4Fixed macOS crash when certain Metal framework API’s are used by gameSteamworks SDKFixed some Javascript key fields not being set correctly by ISteamHTMLSurfaceLinuxScout steam runtime v0.20200910.0Various correctness improvements to the runtime information tool (Help > System Information)Fixes to DNS resolution in container runtime modeMany improvements to robustness and shared directories when running in container runtime modeWindowsAvoid a crash or GPU reset hitting some Windows 8/8.1 users with certain GPU drivers when Vulkan shader cache tries to query support